MMA spot - on the spot ~ Bjorn Rebney of this Thursday, October 21, Bellator of fighting Championships end the third season, live from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event is certain; some produce fireworks as Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez UFC veteran Roger Huerta in a lightweight super fight will be facing. Co Headling are the Bellator Championship welterweight bout between current champion, Lyman good and season three tournament winner Ben Askren.

MMA spot's Jesse Denis recently caught up with the man, has become the face of the promotion, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney ist.Denis spoke with Rebney on support, got his opinion about the controversy over the Bellator's Fox Sports Net TV deal, Eddie Alvarez versus Gilbert Melendez and much more.

Denis: You mentioned the signings of Joe Warren, Dan Hornbuckle and Ben Askren.Bellator is specifically designed for signing Bellator prospects and growing fighter, effectively set you apart from most organizations known. While most actions in the "UFC veteran" day to jump, looks for new talent. Can you talk a little about this way of thinking?
Rebney:This is absolute, something I hope us apart for years festgelegt.Wir have been very aggressive date and guys like Mike Campbell, Ben Askren, Joe Warren, Dan Hornbuckle, Eddie Alvarez, Hector are Lombard, Joe Soto and a lot of different fighters, the world class guys. You deserve it in the top 10, but are new to the US market. Although you do not, the story behind you with UFC and strike force, but you have done spectacularly well.
Denis:Let's talk about the Alvarez Melendez Situation.Beide men went on record, which say that you want to fight each other. Scott Coker recently said, the two of you have talked about and had nothing but positive things to say. He did, however, say that a violation of Melendez's hand the fight is done to keep. This struggle is possible, or is it an other MMA pipe dream?
Rebney: It is entirely possible. It is one of those things I have said many times. I like Scott, he is one heck of a good promoter. He relies on great shows, brings a lot butts in seats. But promoters are unfortunately guilty sideways to speak about issues on a regular basis. Hear always statements to the effect of, "There are complications, problems to be solved." I have said many times, there are no problems with this fight.Eddie will es.Gilbert wants it. I would struggle to make. It can instead of each network would Scott, it take place, and every place he would as it happened. If he it to do on Showtime wants and wants it both well with me are happening at HP Pavilion.I'm more than comfortable on the record that say you go fine with me.

Eddie has on in the next few days against Roger Huerta fighting virtually for his MMA life is his hands that come a very hard battle. Once this fight is over, if Eddie is victorious, I am more than open to do this battle. At any time.√úberall.Das this fight is only what Scott's readiness.

I had heard of Scott, Gilbert has a hand problem and was getting married. Hopefully, his hand is healing. I am a big fan of Gilbert Melendez. (A) I hope that his hand healed because he is a good guy, I love watching him struggle.(B) if the only thing keeping it up on Scott's part, I would struggle to make.

I would like to with Scott again to get.Hopefully if Eddie is victorious we can make that happen.

Denis:Let's talk about the Fox Sports Net (FSN)-Deal for a bit.There were a lot of problems and complaints from the viewers page.I speak of course to Bellator on tape delay, sometimes not even at all, for the benefit of football, baseball and other sports run run it. you can clear, except the contract a bit for us? this be resolved or is it even looked at as a problem?
Rebney:It a Problem.Definitiv is absolutely a problem and the question itself, the President of my company (Tim Danaher), and people, our TV deal prepared diligently work to beheben.Wir realize that there is a problem to spare working very, very long hours to address it and hope to beheben.Wir that if we in position announcements for seasons four, five, and in addition, people will see that we this issue addressed haben.Andere parts of the interview on how YouTube success, thoughts about Paulo Filho, Megumi Fujii, different perspectives and Bjorn's predictions for tonight's struggles to touch.

MMA spot - on the spot ~ Bjorn Rebney