New Japanese MMA promotion voltage to implement PRIDE rules with elbow | Steve rattlesnake

A new MMA promotion called will keep tension your first event on November 27th in differ Ariake, Tokyo.

The rules for the promotion rules (without the 10 minutes in the first round) plus elbows are PRIDE.All are legal, football kicks, Street parade music, knees on the head of a grounded opponent and elbows.

This action seems to make it heavy focus on the fighters and your life thereof a clear point that you produce video documentation about the fighters and their way of life with all its dark and light days.

Their first event will be a fight between undefeated GRABAKA fighters Ryota Masuda Yasuhiro Kanayama and BJJ black belt, Tetsuya Kondo is planned his MMA debut at the event and to make.

You already have a couple of videos up on fighter on your site.

Look at the first map so far your level is below Pancrase, DEEP, Shooto, etc..To heat when you can find fighter 1-2 are a little familiar.