MiddleEasy.com | The Sunday morning rumor mill this really isn't that much of a shocker considering Dana white UFC made the ' unstoppable frenato trane' that it is, but in getting the sport legalized/authorized in other parts of the world, Dana white (or more likely a collection of people) attempted to push something they've coined (and are in the process of trademarking) as UFC combative sports. This would distinguish the UFC from 'MMA' and essentially greenlight 'UFC combative sports' under the UFC/ZUFFA banner in parts of the world where other MMA organizations can't host events. Some of you may be confused and granted, I'm not doing a great job explaining this, but in short, ZUFFA is trying to distinguish UFC from MMA and get UFC combative sports legalized in certain local governments while ' MMA drummer still be 'illegal'. Great business tactic if you want to dominate the sport.I'm sure I will receive a cease and desist notification sometime this week regarding this ' rumor, so read it while you can.