Dana white: Two of the top of the item are Fedor and Overeem | Steve rattlesnake

?Obviously one of the top heavyweights is Fedor, Overeem, I would say, and I like Overeem.I?ve had always been a good relationship with him It?s is hard to say, to see outside, and what a lot of people caught in ?oh of this Guy?s there. ? what you have, the guys are fighting against the UFC the best in the world three times in the year.

I think Anybody?s a way. He?s should be their masters. They?ve had a hard time to fight it. Have you ever noticed, as these guys at strike force have a hard time to get their people and actually fight.If that was the case, you would never see the fighting guys, you want to see.Especially with so many fights as We?re we do if we want to sign a guy it three times in a year to Kämpfen.Wie which is hell it somewhere else to fight? It?s impossible. ?