Vadim Finkelstein: Brock Lesnar is only a product of the UFC's PR | Steve rattlesnake MMA

You have the fight observed Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez? if so, what are your impressions?

Vadim Finkelstein: I have long said that Lesnar more from a product of UFC?s PR instead of a heavy fighter and this fight clearly confirmed it is

And how would you rate Velasquez?

I think he is a very good fighter and in his skills and stärken.UFC best in the world presents him now as that and it's certainly debatable, but he is a real fighter, not a product of PR.

And what about the rumors that you negotiate with the UFC?

It?s stupidity.We are not such negotiations lead.

Now we are in active negotiations with Showtime on a contract extension, and perhaps we'll erneuern.Aber it the UFC offers no such possibilities and its monopoly conditions imposed.They believe that everyone in the UFC should be.We would, look forward with Lesnar, but why we should give up Velasquez and all to fight all of these companies, all these years spent on Fedor?s is going development to you?Grow Fedor in the UFC, right?Why should he go to the UFC? if Dana White wants to fight, can he keep it easy, because we nothing dagegen.Und while the contract with Showtime gives us more possibilities.

Fedor is now ready to Kämpfen.Er 34, he feels well and is ready to arbeiten.Er is ready to sign a contract for five or six battles, and run the task very gut.Er says always He?s ready to handeln.Wir need to protect our interests.

Should we expect to fight Fedor in Japan on New Year?s Eve?

We discussed this possibility with the Japanese were happy, but had more difficulty and with an interesting opponent for Fedor and many andere.Infolgedessen negotiations have not even happens, since there was no concrete Vorschlag.Daher is there in the very near future have to wait until the conclusion of negotiations with Showtime and then clearly when and with whom Fedor will continue to fight.