Friday, October 15, 2010

New MUAY THAI show (Muay Thai moves are used in the MMA!)

Hey, everyone!

I'll be honest with you: I am a "work".

I know everyone here appreciates "no BS", is why I am with you, be. Plus have once trained me in Shaolin Kempo karate (Fred Villari's studios of self defense), I great respect for the martial arts community...

Anyway, I try here, a great new show (about Muay Thai) on G4TV to promote it's called champions of Champions Elite.Und for the first time in America, displayed Kings Cup as a "special" on the show on the 22nd of this month. It's actually pretty exciting:

Kings Cup promos 30 - dedicated to the world of Muay Thai.

Have to see any of you the show? Does anyone have any opinons here to share on it?

I know many of you are not to appreciate my presence here and I apologize for this, but I hope that at least a few of you will take a look, and they were made this show existence carefully.

Thank you very much!


PS: I come back to answers read and answer all questions. I'm not a robot! <3 any="" input="" is="" appreciated.="" thanks,="" everyone!="">

This thread has me laugh howling. the person has a post office and says enough studied you with Fred Villari studios of self defense for those around long, remember Fred than the man with the chain of schools and the Rolls Royce and all Bullshit.Als I young Fred was the icon the sale from similar ones dough systems take.So is your credibility by kinda erschossen.Wenn respect for the martial arts community had you could study, Muay thai, before to do a show on it. my two cents

The promo is nothing viel.Wir scored the Kings Cup here in the thai version of thai tv.So what's the point is outside the fancy photography?What will you show depth on Muay thai, that we havent seen or know?Is the stuff rolled most the same nonsense over and over...Witness human weapon and those kinds of shows?Most shows are clueless and more damage than anything, what I believe

Good luck to you on your show.But now that everything is it looks like expensive flash

As far as your presence posts of each different things and some people like you and some don't.most are very clear and vocal about things that should be appreciated.

Also its a Muay thai-thread so could appear better in the thai boxing and kick boxing Forum, if you want that I a part of am answer from the Muay thai masses

Thanks for the feedback!

It's not "my" show...I am only one of many human "Spam Bots" hired this show around the Internet for G4TV to promote I sign up for literally hundreds of forums, a week and try "Mixture" and slip into the link to the promo somewhere on the Weg.Zum example, was last week I pretending to be a D & - D-looking player, a character that had fight moves as tired of the BS and decided what I did that in [link] I was just .Heute, to be honest: attempting a "good", but relative to unheard to promote show about Muay Thai and his fighters.

Their findings are very wertvoll.Ich appreciate your taking the time to back to me to schreiben.Vielen thanks.


?a human being "Spam Bot" - How do I me a human spam botist that really a good show? or you are just spamming?

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