Crocop on his eye injury: "there is no chance in hell to back out ' | Steve rattlesnake"

I can say ?What. I?m, he moved to Indianapolis, is this my 70th fight (37 MMA, 33 K1). That's a lot. I had bad luck in preparations. In the last training at the last minute I have pretty bad eye injuries. But I think that it I will be fine.I want aufsaugen.Ich Didn?t to cancel the fight under any circumstances.

I took this struggle to do a favor UFC.I do wouldn?t of this struggle for anyone other than UFC.I was on vacation, if you called me and I rejecting only Couldn?t Ihnen.Nicht because of money (which is pretty decent), but due respect to the guys at UFC.sofern you secured my existence of life fight me with everything and I for you.

I owe you and fans much even tough I deserves every penny from me.

I have some suggestions after eye injuries to cancel fight, but I want to hear Didn?t about you.

To be honest the money was pretty decent, and I can assure you that nobody would decline this offer.

I'll try my best to do, and when the battle on the third round it more than routine battle is handicap for me.But you know this is life, and nothing is ideal.Ich all responsibility, but I just wanted to clarify the reasons why I accepted the fight.

I'm willing to take the risk, but I can tell you this, all the money in the world is not worth hurt my eye, but at this time no chance in hell, to back out.

Frank me's gonna be my hardest fight in my UFC career (great fighter) it is not simply sein.Es would be easier for me if I had time to do a complete preparation cycle, but at the end of the day thats my Problem.Ich took the fight under these conditions.

I again to be honest, if you have 70 fight under your belt, a fear of injury are your priorities for it, but I assure my best I give werde.Ich will certainly go for a win, but I think, I much, only by adopting this Kampf.Das. my opinion ?