Josh Barnett: Fedor fight will happen | Steve rattlesnake

?At some show me and Fedor, I told him I go, ?look, the only people you can beat. I can hit, and you can beat me.If we actually have to lose if There?s we have some reason to anyone ? to lose and I preferred to be like, but this fight and things happen ist.Fedor was careless with its offense and his movements and he caught in a very bad spot of a man who one of his specialties is the triangle of his back.

If set to provide, in this type of position with a guy like Werdum It?s not by chance that you get in a triangle or an Armbar.

Losing people and reduce Doesn?t everything I think about Fedor or meaning of a fight between I?m two of us, is sure sometime happen and is it just so amazingly at least for me anyways, how about been. ?